Our oil and gas department consists of licensed professionals in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland and experienced technicians capable of providing you with quality design services and expedited delivery. TRI-COUNTY ENGINEERING, LLC, surveyed & platted the 1st Marcellus Shale Gas Well Drilled in 2004.


Wetland Delineation and Stream Characterization.
Wetland and Stream Mitigation Design.
Pipeline Design (Mechanical Aspects).
Gas well pads, gas and water pipelines, gas pipeline compressor stations, cryogenic gas plants, meter pads, gas well platting.
Development and Submission of construction and E&S plans to the applicable agency.
GIS preliminary well spacing/planning for maximum acreage coverage.
Preparation of all local, state, and federal regulatory permitting requirements for pad / pipeline construction.
Marcellus Addendum.
Record Plans (As-Builts).
Topographic and Boundary Surveying to establish well locations, access roads, and pipeline routes.
Unit Area Well Plats, Meter Pads, & Compressor Pads.
All construction related to pipeline and well pad surveying and staking.
Preparation of Easement and Lease Plat Descriptions.
Unit Boundary Surveys and Descriptions.
Water Purveyors / Purveying.