TRI-COUNTY ENGINEERING, LLC has the experience you need to maximize your site’s potential, finding your best balance between cost and aesthetics. We have engineered numerous significant developments in the region.


Land Development
Feasibility Studies to maximum development potential.
Overall Site, Grading, Drainage, Utility, Roadway and Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans.
Utility and Infrastructure Investigations.
Open Space, Greenways, Park and Recreation Planning and Design.
Local, State, and Federal regulatory permitting requirements.
Stormwater Management.
Environmental services for Wetland Characterization and Stream Delineation.
Master Plans for Phased Projects.
Industrial Developments.
Residential and commercial design services for major projects including but not limited to, paving and resurfacing, construction of water lines, storm and sanitary sewer lines, force mains, embankments, curbs, and sidewalks.
The engineering and permitting of surface mines through the PA DEP Bureau of Mining and Reclamation. Work included all aspects of site investigation, planning, and engineering as required for the permitting of sites.
Property (boundary and lot) surveys, subdivision surveys, which include grid and boundary surveys with complete topography, street and lot layout, and sanitary and storm sewer layout.
Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Developments / Subdivisions.
Construction Inspection and Management.
Utility Design
Topographic and right-of-way surveys for major water line, gas line, and sewer line projects.
Sanitary Sewer Design and Permitting.
Treatment System Design and On-Lot Sewage Facility Design.
Hydraulic design and inspection of sanitary sewers for both private firms and federally funded municipal projects. Experience in both field techniques and thorough project management for all phases of this work.