Situated in New Stanton, PA (approximately 25 miles southeast of Pittsburgh), TRI-COUNTY ENGINEERING, LLC is a progressive professional engineering and surveying firm which specializes in servicing private firms, individuals, and municipalities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio.

Tri-County Engineering, LLC :

 Has modern and up to date electronic surveying equipment, GPS survey equipment and a computerized CAD system. This allows us to produce high quality work efficiently which is cost-effective for our clients.
 Maintains a high degree of credibility and close working relationships with municipal, state, and federal regulatory agencies. This deters unnecessary delays and costs to a project.
 Is currently on an approved list for providing professional services for community development projects with the Westmoreland County Department of Planning.

Mission Statement

The firm was established in 1979 to provide clients with quality professional engineering, consulting, environmental, and surveying services in a timely manner.

Our goal is to produce professional engineering designs, plans, and surveying services to maintain a high degree of credibility and close working relationship with municipal, state, and federal regulatory agencies while enhancing our client’s reputation in the community.

We will continue to invest in the most technologically advanced computer and field equipment to provide work in an efficient, cost effective manner.